The Gospel According to Menstrual Cups

GUEST POST:// Laura Collingridge is a first-year ordinand at Wycliffe Hall studying for the Durham BA. Sent from Soul Survivor Watford in St Alban’s Diocese, she was formerly a university administrator and a non-resident member of the Community of St Anselm, and she blogs at *** What do menstrual cups, DDOs, and evangelism in common? Apart from the potential mess … More The Gospel According to Menstrual Cups

The Formation Moth

GUEST POST:// Alice Watson is a soon-to-be Deacon in Peterborough Diocese.  She has just finished three long years of training at Cuddesdon and so is excited about the next stage of ministry.  She is passionate about creativity, feminism, and social justice, and has just completed an MA thesis looking at liturgy and motherhood. *** They say … More The Formation Moth

I’m About To Be Ordained, Here’s What I Learned At Theological College

GUEST POST:// Sophie Cowan has just finished three years at Wycliffe Hall reading for the Oxford BA and now the MTh. Passionate about estate ministry, she is to serve her curacy in Peterborough Diocese. She is the pioneer of Equipping The Called. *** During my three years at Wycliffe one of the key things I’ve … More I’m About To Be Ordained, Here’s What I Learned At Theological College

To The 2019 Leavers

Ordination training involves a series of goodbyes. Here’s the first in a series of goodbye letters I’ll be writing over the course of my training. *** Dear 2019 Wycliffe Hall Leavers, Your reports are written, assignments are in; you’ve been commissioned and the dust, or rather glitter, has settled over College following last night’s ball. … More To The 2019 Leavers