CBM is an international Christian disability and development organisation, transforming the lives of disabled people in the world’s poorest communities. For over 100 years, it has worked to improve the lives disabled people, including performing over 10 million cataract operations since 1976. Whilst blindness was originally its key focus, CBM’s work is not just in its … More #ColoursOfChristmas

A Hunch About Love

‘Theology is the hunch that love really is the meaning of everything.’[1] So began my first ever theology lecture. Did any of us fresh-faced eighteen year olds really know what we had signed up to in undertaking a theology degree? When our intimidating, almost maverick, lecturer asked us what we thought theology was, our timid … More A Hunch About Love

Six Years Later

  I can tell you exactly where I was when I found out that the Church of England’s General Synod had rejected women bishops legislation. I was on my study abroad year in Ottawa, Canada, walking down Laurier Avenue East. It was the day before my 21st birthday, and although I had an essay to … More Six Years Later

An Expectant Lent: For The Kingdom, The Power, And The Glory Are Yours

We might think that the gap between the sacred and the secular in a Western context has increasingly become a chasm. And yet, you don’t have to search too far to discover that the ways the sacred – something of who God is – permeates the world around us. The writer Leonard Cohen is best known … More An Expectant Lent: For The Kingdom, The Power, And The Glory Are Yours

An Expectant Lent: Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Augustine of Hippo is widely considered one of the most important theological voices in the Christian tradition. A theologian, a bishop, and eventually a saint, his contributions have not just been ground-breaking and central to the discipline of theology, but also to politics, philosophy, and classics, amongst others. One of the (many) delights of reading … More An Expectant Lent: Lead Us Not Into Temptation