Just Wait

On the 20th November 1991, my mum went to the GP. She was pregnant, it was five weeks until her due date of Christmas Eve and she was in for a routine check-up. The GP said to her that it was highly unlikely the baby would arrive anywhere near on time, in fact, the baby … More Just Wait

Hope For A Broken Nation – Lessons in Rebuilding

Imagine the scene: it’s 520-ish BCE and you’re in Jerusalem. It’s amazing that you’re there at all. Seventy-odd years earlier, the Babylonian Empire had swept through Jerusalem, forced the people of Israel into exile, and torn down the Lord’s house, the temple. But now, you’re back. The Babylonian Empire has been defeated, and the Persian … More Hope For A Broken Nation – Lessons in Rebuilding

No Trick, All Treat

A fun game my fellow trainee priests and I like to play is ‘What’s Your Favourite Heresy?’ I’m quite a fan of Pelagianism myself. This is the heresy that original sin did not corrupt human beings and that we don’t need God’s help in knowing good from evil. It’s since evolved to become the view … More No Trick, All Treat

Wee Like A Woman

I wonder if the following names mean anything to you? Jamye Flowers Coplin, Margaret Hamilton, Katherine Johnson, Frances Northcutt, and JoAnn Morgan. Does it help if I tell you that they were pioneers in their field and indispensable to one of the most monumental achievements of humankind? How about if I tell you that some … More Wee Like A Woman