Wee Like A Woman

I wonder if the following names mean anything to you? Jamye Flowers Coplin, Margaret Hamilton, Katherine Johnson, Frances Northcutt, and JoAnn Morgan. Does it help if I tell you that they were pioneers in their field and indispensable to one of the most monumental achievements of humankind? How about if I tell you that some … More Wee Like A Woman

The Gospel According to Menstrual Cups

GUEST POST:// Laura Collingridge is a first-year ordinand at Wycliffe Hall studying for the Durham BA. Sent from Soul Survivor Watford in St Alban’s Diocese, she was formerly a university administrator and a non-resident member of the Community of St Anselm, and she blogs at https://lollingridge.wordpress.com/. *** What do menstrual cups, DDOs, and evangelism in common? Apart from the potential mess … More The Gospel According to Menstrual Cups