A post in support of CBM’s #ColoursOfChristmas appeal. You can donate here.

CBM is an international Christian disability and development organisation, transforming the lives of disabled people in the world’s poorest communities. For over 100 years, it has worked to improve the lives disabled people, including performing over 10 million cataract operations since 1976. Whilst blindness was originally its key focus, CBM’s work is not just in its medical help, but in it’s partnership-working, rehabilitation, and campaigning for disability awareness and inclusion. It is a living and breathing sermon, the Gospel in action. It is no wonder that its founder, Ernst Christoffel once said, ‘The deed of love is the sermon everyone understands.’

So, when CBM contacted me to ask if I would share about their Christmas campaign, #ColoursOfChristmas, it was a no-brainer. With a background in charity project management and a heart for theology in action, CBM’s work resonates strongly both with my own passions and with the remarkable Christmas story, where through vulnerability, power is realised, where those the world ignores and the ones God goes to first.

Sesan is five years old and lives in Nigeria. And he has cataracts. The small plot of land his father farms is “just enough to feed the family.” The idea of a small boy’s world growing darker and cloudier because his family is unable to afford the operation is, in many ways, unfathomable. No-one should go blind because they are poor.

£35 could cover the cost of transport to hospital for a child needing life-changing surgery.

£50 could pay for vital medical supplies needed for cataract surgery.

£95 could pray for a child like Sesan to have cataract removal surgery, enabling them to see.

Put simply, someone could give Sesan and children like him, the gift of renewed sight this Christmas.

What are the colours of Christmas? If we romanticise the biblical story, there’s the brilliant white of the angels, the rich hues of the kings, the pastels of patient parents-to-be, and dirty fingernails of intrigued shepherds, all reflected in the face of the word made flesh and lying in a manger. But for Sesan and children like him, the colours of Christmas are whatever he sees when Love calls his name. The colours of Christmas for all of us, are whatever Love calls us to see and to do and to be, in order to be the sermon of love everyone understands.

So if you can, why not consider donating to CBM and #ColoursOfChristmas this Christmas or taking them on as an organisation to support in the New Year. It’s a priceless gift you could be giving.

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